Shelley HS 2

My name is Shelley Blair, and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#16122).  I completed my undergraduate degree at TRU in Psychology and obtained my Master of Counselling at City University of Seattle.  I primarily provide youth and adults individual, couples, family, group and educational counselling services.   I love helping to discover insight into what motivates someone, what has complicated their growth and what their strengths are.

It is my goal to work with clients in a non-judgmental, open, honest and collaborative format so clients can achieve the results they want. Usually, it is a matter of taking small steps to create big changes.  Sometimes this process can be very in-depth; exploring challenges and patterns of the past and sometimes this process can be very brief and goal-oriented.  Often times, however, people just want a safe person that they can turn to and know that they are going to be okay sharing their deepest, darkest secrets.

Wellness is such a vast and open term that means different things to different people.  For me, wellness includes spending lots of time with my family; I have two young boys and I love seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter as often as I can.  I also ensure that I spend time in nature.  Frequently, this includes going for a walk or a hike, skiing on the ski hill, swimming in a freshwater lake in the summer, camping, riding my bike, playing in the dirt and the sand and soaking up as much sun as I can on any given day.  I also practice kindness to myself and others.  I notice that we are so hard on ourselves, and fail to use words of encouragement, praise, forgiveness, or celebration when talking to ourselves.  Everyday, I strive to develop wellness and some days are easier than others.  In counselling, I present as my authentic self and I think that this authenticity builds a strong and trusting counselling relationship.