Persistence Will Pay Off

Hi Everyone out there!  Thanks so much for taking an opportunity to come to my website and check things out.  The purpose of my blog is to give you a little bit of mental wellness information that you can incorporate into your everyday. I find that I often provide some education around similar topics when I am meeting with people and it occurred to me that perhaps some of this information is not general knowledge, or if it is general knowledge perhaps there needs to be some guidance for how to implement it in life.

I am certainly not an expert in this area, but I do have some understanding of psychology (completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2004), counselling psychology (completed my Master’s Degree in Counselling in 2011), mental health and addictions (various roles in this field since 2005).  I’m not sure everyone will agree with the information I provide and I certainly welcome feedback so that I can be the best counsellor that I can be.

I currently work as the Adult Mental Health and Addictions Clinical Counsellor at White Buffalo Aboriginal and Metis Health Society in Kamloops, B.C.  I am there three days a week and expect to be starting private practice work one day a week beginning October 2017.  It is my intention that you use these skills and tools in your everyday life and if you need more support or guidance to “shift directions”, you feel comfortable enough with me that you feel like you can easily reach out to me to provide that.  I will not be a perfect fit for working with everyone, but if you are comfortable with me, this may be the right step to ensuring I am a good fit for you.

I am continually working on overcoming my own challenges and barriers to success.  A perfect example is the fact that I have spent days on trying to put video on this website. To be honest, it seems to be a little easier to chat about these topics, and you will get to know me better through videos, than through written words.  I am still working on this issue though.  I decided to post something on here anyway, just to give you an idea of who I am, without “perfecting” how I would like to present myself.  Perhaps, this is the first skill to discuss; letting go of the idea of perfection. I would love to be able to present a perfect website to you, but I’m sure I’ll never accomplish this (what is perfection anyway??); so I’ll present you this typed entry along with bits and pieces of my cherished imperfections. I have a feeling that I will be continuing my own wellness and growth as I post additional entries on this blog.

I would like to provide skills and tools on topics such as boundaries, co-dependency, healthy relationships, shifting negative thoughts, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, and more.  Please feel free to contact me via email to suggest certain topics that you would like to know more about.  Stay tuned for more information on these topics. Until then take care of yourself and I’ll keep working on figuring out how to post videos to my website.

Shelley Blair

I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor living in Kamloops, BC providing mental health and addictions services to adults, youth, children and families. My areas of expertise and interest are trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, family relationships and addiction.

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